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Safetoe L-7295
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Sell ​​Safetoe L-7295We are PT.Sumber Rejeki Agung as a distributor that sells number one Safetoe L-7295 in the East Java region of Surabaya, Indonesia. Safetoe L-7295 is a safety shoe used to protect shoes. The advantages of this product have a suede leather layer and dry mesh layer.Specification:Safetoe L-7295 is made from genuine cow leather, keeps your feet dry & comfortable throughout the summer, super soft soles: Air Cool Max Tech Sol of Trainer Wide Fit Trainer Trainer, better selling on foot & amp; amp; amp; leather, cover: Slip-On, shoe width: width. Toe Steel & Steel Plate: CE Limiting 4E width fits 200 Joule Steel Toe Cap & 1100 Newton Midsole safety boots, protects feet from falling objects & sharp nails, slip resistant soles: SRC double patterned, heavy PU soles designed for safe safety resistant to men's & women's shoe sizes. Insock: EVA is used in comfortable mesh, outsole: dual density PU / PU. For available sizes euro 37-47 #, UK 3-13 #. This product has CE EN ISO 20345: 2011 standards.Get the price of exclusive safety shoes directly from PT. Sumber Rejeki Agung as the supplier and distributor of the number one safety shoes for the Safetoe brand with Draco L-7019, Draco L-7255, Jode L-7141, Draco White L-7019, Aquila L-7246, Rigel M-8000T, Rigil Kenaurus H-9430, Cygnus M-8058, Sirius M-8215, Pictor M-80258, Hydra M-8138, Vulpecula M-8160, Capella L-7296, Canapus L-7328, Bethel Geuse L- 7329, Procyon L-7331, Monoceros H-9001, Debra White L-7096, Rigil, etc.Note: Pre Order Products (PO) with a minimum of 500 pairs, a period of 3 - 3½ months the order arrives.

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