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Safetoe L-7328
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Sell ​​Safetoe L-7328We are PT.Sumber Rejeki Agung as a distributor that sells number one Safetoe L-7328 in the East Java region of Surabaya, Indonesia. Safetoe L-7328 is a safety shoe that serves to release the risk of accidents while working with other activities. The advantages of this Safetoe L-7328 are Insock: EVA is valued for a comfortable mesh.Specification:This safety shoe has 100% cow leather and anti-abrasion material. This product has a flexible anti-penetration kelvar plate of 1100 newtons, extra wide fiber glass, to hold 200 joules, anti-abrasion catching a single shock, injection of antibiotic shock. This product also features an outer sole made of PU / PU double density, midsole: 1100 Hold Button. This product is a safety shoe with a new sport design for workers. For sizes available 37-47 Euros #, UK 3-13 #. This product has a CE standard EN ISO 020345: 2011.Get the price of exclusive safety shoes directly from PT. Sumber Rejeki Agung as the supplier and distributor of the number one safety shoes for the Safetoe brand with Draco L-7019, Draco L-7255, Draco White L-7019, Aquila L-7046, Aquila L-7246, Rigel M-8000T, Rigil Kenaurus H-9430, Cygnus M-8058, Sirius M-8215, Pictor M-80258, Hydra M-8138, Vulpecula M-8160, Capella L-7296, Canapus L-7328, Bethel Geuse L- 7329, Procyon L-7331, Monoceros H-9001, Debra White L-7096, Rigil, etc.Note: Pre Order Products (PO) with a minimum of 500 pairs, a period of 3 - 3½ months the order arrives.

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